Why You Should Think Twice About Hiring Your Handyman Friend

Why You Should Think Twice About Hiring Your Handyman Friend

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Maybe you’re considering remodeling your home but you’re over a limited budget. You may have a relative or friend who’s performed simple repairs for you, such as plastering or portrait, and they feature to do your home remodel for a lesser amount of than what an established contractor might demand. You’re thrilled – until your roof starts leaks or your wiring does not work out. When remodeling your home, it’s never a good idea to hire your handyman friend. Many unanticipated – and potentially costly and dangerous – problems can arise, spelling trouble for your home, your personal safety, and your friendship with the specific who does your home remodel.


Your friend probably doesn’t have a contractor’s license.

For any home remodeling project, always make sure the people engaged hold valid contractor’s permit. For most areas, it is illegitimate for someone to substantially enhance or alter your home without such a license. Of our own home remodel, you will want to be aware of that the contractor has experience and legitimate. Just because your friend is able to do simple repairs will not mean he’s qualified to gut your kitchen or annex rooms. It can be seductive to want to retain the services of an associate for the work because you already know and trust him. But just because he’s your friend will not mean he provides the experience and skills to carry out a considerable project, despite his character to the contrary. Also, if a major problem arises such as on the job injury or unforeseen structural damage, you could be “on the hook” if your friend is without insurance coverage.


Your friend may have a little knowledge in many areas but is typically not a specialist.

Many people who are helpful around the house have somewhat of experience doing many types of repairs and jobs. These people, yet, are hardly ever experts in one field. When you’re remodeling, you will want to use those who are specialists and know their areas of expertise inside and out. More than likely, your handyman friend will know “a little of this and a bit of that. ” In fact, your handyman friend will probably not conclude being very convenient when serious, structure problems arise with your remodeling project. In the long run, you’ll wrap up not only wasting time but also money if you need to call in a professional to complete the work. You can view more about specializations on our other articles here on the site.


Employing a friend to do your home remodeling can be dangerous.

Home redecorating projects often involve not the particular removal and construction of recent wall surfaces but also rerouting power wiring and perhaps plumbing related. If your handyman good friend isn’t experienced in these areas, how can you know your home is safe? Sure, you may save money in the short run, but you’ll also risk the chance of your home being damaged, as well as the likelihood of dangerous electrical shoots and plumbing problems. Pertaining to any home remodeling work, hire a professional builder with a legitimate contractor’s license. More than likely, your handyman friend will not carry insurance for the work he can doing. Also, if questions of safety arise because of this of your unlicensed contractor pal’s work, your homeowner’s insurance is not going to pay for any resulting damage, as the work done on your home was not “by the book. ”


Finding a friend to do your remodel can ruin your friendship.

It may go without saying, but anytime you hire a good friend – whether it’s for a home remodeling task or any type of other type of work – you always run the risk of destroying your friendship with that individual. In the previous, you may have recently been thrilled with how your good friend repaved your driveway or buffed out your wood floors, but you may be wondering what will happen if your good friend doesn’t do the job you expected him to do on your redesign? Even minor problems with your remodel can cause resentment and breakdowns in friendships. You may think your friendship can tolerate any small issues that arise, but do you really want to run that risk? The last thing you want is for a solid camaraderie to get rid of because your renovator friend hand picked the wrong tone of ecru tile for your kitchen floor.