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Thanks to the man of many thoughts, a man of vision and unending ideas. This man was a light to many souls as he lightened the way we think which has birthed the way we live, not only how we live but how the future will be.

Few words of mine will base on the advent of electricity, the start, the development and what the future holds, but this cannot be done without the big name behind the picture; Thomas Edison. Indeed, we are far gone into the future, a little bit away from where he left us in the development of electricity, though he pioneered it.

This present age or century deals more with faster and an easy way of living, so much that we love our own energy to be conserved and most importantly; the ozone layer be preserved, because it must not depreciate. Given this our deteriorating daily world and our love to keep it in shape via researchers has birthed many inventions and we have seen the unmined beauty in nature; especially that of the sun.

Solar Energy, Solar Power, Solar Mechanism or Solar living. All are from one which is merely the solar system. So much enormous power from the outside space; sun. It naturally lightens our day and now we have learned to trap this power down to lighten the dark night, what a great value! I once read a solar power rocks’ article that gave a statistics of energy that penetrates from the sun to the earth every damn day. And it says this energy is 35,000 times greater than all the electricity that is totally in use globally. The big visionary; Elon Musk; the CEO of Tesla Cars, SpaceX, and Solar City made a fascinating statement: “Solar Power and Energy will be the major and biggest source of power by 2031”. I so much bought into what he said because Elon Musk isn’t just a free talker nor an empty visionary but a doer himself.

It is worthy of note that Elon Musk has three main companies and two of these companies are solar energy focused. From the starting vision of Thomas Edison, we can say that he started a good work of electricity also we can say that Elon Musk and the whole world, in general, has a good view of the future via solar power system. This we’ve known early that much power and resources are buried in nature and we won’t give up until we explore them for the profitability of the human race. Since you understood this clearly, it is time to birth this vision together. It isn’t a must for you to be an engineer or a visionary before joining this mission. You can participate by appreciating solar-focused invented technologies around you.

Get one today as we maximize the free resources of nature.