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When to paint during a renovation

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You’re having a renovation done. As part of the project, a repainting is also going to happen. Now here’s an important question. When do you have the repainting done? When it happens can be crucial, since there’s a chance that the renovation work might disrupt the paint as it dries.


The whole “paint drying” thing is why people call companies before any renovation work happens. However, is this sound advice?


Surprisingly, it might not be. Yes, there are instances when it should come last. For example, no one wants to get paint on a brand new carpet.


However, the “paint first” rule isn’t absolute. If you’re getting the carpet replaced or removed anyway, then paint stains on it are no problem. There are times when you want to paint after the work has been done, not before.


Here’s some advice from professional painters.


Is the renovation work happening on the exterior? If that’s the case, then you should consider the time of year. Summer days are longer, so there’s more time to do the painting. There’s also more sunlight to dry the painting faster. You can take advantage of that.


If the work is being done on the interior, then there are a few situations that will come up.


Are you refinishing your current floor or installing new ones?


This is a messy process. Dust gets raised a lot, and it will inevitably stick to new paint. Baseboards and wall paint might also be damaged during the refinishing. This means that it’s better for you to install a new tile floor first, and then paint the room.


If your home is anywhere remotely sane, you have a kitchen or bathroom. At some point, you might be thinking of getting a remodelling done.


If you’re ripping out appliances, installing new furnishings, or something similar, that means the paint will be damaged. In this case, you want the work done first. Whether that involves replacements or new installations won’t matter. The painting has to come later, to prevent any chipping or damage.


In fact, you can probably cover up any lingering damage with the new paint job.


Are you working on the floors? Then you’re looking at something a bit more situational.


As noted, there’s no point to painting before the baseboards or flooring is removed. You’re going to end up redoing the whole thing anyway. However, if the renovation does not involve removing the baseboards, then you have more options.


You still want to protect or leave things like flooring, countertops, or window treatments alone. You also want these installed before painting. However, once that’s done, you’re free to coordinate the painting at any point of the process if you like.


You do not want to have the painting done during a renovation or remodel. Between the amount of dust and debris flying around to the many logistical issues that would arise, painting during a renovation is only feasible if the work is being done in two different areas and both can be sealed off from the other.


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