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Thanks to the man of many thoughts, a man of vision and unending ideas. This man was a light to many souls as he lightened the way we think which has birthed the way we live, not only how we live but how the future will be.

Few words of mine will base on the advent of electricity, the start, the development and what the future holds, but this cannot be done without the big name behind the picture; Thomas Edison. Indeed, we are far gone into the future, a little bit away from where he left us in the development of electricity, though he pioneered it.

This present age or century deals more with faster and an easy way of living, so much that we love our own energy to be conserved and most importantly; the ozone layer be preserved, because it must not depreciate. Given this our deteriorating daily world and our love to keep it in shape via researchers has birthed many inventions and we have seen the unmined beauty in nature; especially that of the sun.

Solar Energy, Solar Power, Solar Mechanism or Solar living. All are from one which is merely the solar system. So much enormous power from the outside space; sun. It naturally lightens our day and now we have learned to trap this power down to lighten the dark night, what a great value! I once read a solar power rocks’ article that gave a statistics of energy that penetrates from the sun to the earth every damn day. And it says this energy is 35,000 times greater than all the electricity that is totally in use globally. The big visionary; Elon Musk; the CEO of Tesla Cars, SpaceX, and Solar City made a fascinating statement: “Solar Power and Energy will be the major and biggest source of power by 2031”. I so much bought into what he said because Elon Musk isn’t just a free talker nor an empty visionary but a doer himself.

It is worthy of note that Elon Musk has three main companies and two of these companies are solar energy focused. From the starting vision of Thomas Edison, we can say that he started a good work of electricity also we can say that Elon Musk and the whole world, in general, has a good view of the future via solar power system. This we’ve known early that much power and resources are buried in nature and we won’t give up until we explore them for the profitability of the human race. Since you understood this clearly, it is time to birth this vision together. It isn’t a must for you to be an engineer or a visionary before joining this mission. You can participate by appreciating solar-focused invented technologies around you.

Get one today as we maximize the free resources of nature.

Construction Waste

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Just how much waste does the average construction site generate?

You’d think that there wouldn’t be much. After all, those materials are being used to build something. A demolition is where you’d expect to see a lot of rubbish being generated, as you’re tearing something apart to its raw components.

You’d be surprised at how much clutter and junk gets produced at the average construction site. It gets to the point where you call on guys like
for help managing it all. First, let’s look into what I like to call the “incidental” rubbish.

There’s always going to be rubbish generated by the crews. Whether it’s the discarded packaging of their meals to whatever they throw away as they work. That’s small-time, but it can pile up if you have a lot of workers and an extended construction period.

From there, you’re looking at waste generated by the work itself and the needs of the building.

Most of it will be from unused or excess materials. You’re thinking of nails, electrical wiring, shingles, roofing, and insulation. Construction crews want to have more of these than needed, to cover any errors during the work. What doesn’t get used may end up as rubbish.

Site preparation can also generate materials that end up in bins. Think of all the dredging that’s done to prepare a site. If there are any tree stumps or rubble, or if there was demolition work that preceded the construction, that’s a waste too.

If you encounter any lead, asbestos, or other hazardous materials, those are more than just waste. Those are materials that need to be appropriately contained. Disposal needs to be done correctly, to prevent any contamination.

Another material that can be toxic if not properly disposed of is plasterboard. Plasterboard is usually a safe material. However, in landfill conditions, it releases the poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas into the air.

Building waste also comes from raw materials. Brick, concrete, and wood that’s damaged or left unused are considered waste.

An estimated 10% to 15% of materials that are acquired for construction end up waste products. However, depending on the recycling procedures in place, a lot of it can be reduced.

Reduction begins with crushing the rubble. This makes it easier to reprocess and recycled. Wood can often be recovered and recycled as well. Any unused materials can be kept in storage, tapped for later projects. Through this, construction waste is reduced.

Solar Boating Lights

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Solar lighting works anyplace and all you require is the sun. The cells connected to the light (which can be a string light, a lamp, a cement light or some other design you can consider) take the sunlight and store it in their batteries for sometime later. When the sun goes down, the solar light will go ahead and the procedure proceeds with for a long time.


When you are on a boat, you realize that space is a hot product so the utilization of solar lights is an awesome thought, no ropes, no mass and all the light you require. In like manner, outwardly of a boat, you can’t stress over stumbling over ropes and expansions while you are on deck so solar lighting is the approach.


Rail lights join to railings decks or bulkheads, they have no wires or batteries, and they cost alongside nothing to introduce. The best part is they look great and they light up when it motivates dull to enlighten the zone. They are exceedingly proficient, enduring, and green and in short: No muss, straightforward.


Under bureau solar lights enable you to enlighten the kitchen without exchanging space to do as such. They basically slide under the cupboards and light your direction easily. Helpful solar lights that arrive in a simple to utilize and introduce rope application is an incredible thought for all regions on the boat that could utilize a little brightening. Utilize them to light your lobbies, around windows or crosswise over roofs, anyplace you can utilize light they can be set. They arrive in an assortment of hues and sizes and can be modified to your tastes.


Solar dock lights are additionally picking up in prominence as they can be put anyplace and are likewise waterproof. Nothing is more regrettable than not having the capacity to see where you are going, and now, you can easily direct your boat into dock with all the light you require. The best part is, the vitality that they are utilizing is thoroughly free, as long as they can drench up the sun you’re brilliant!


Solar lights truly can be utilized anyplace whenever. They light our reality more than ever and don’t have any of the aggravation that accompanies attempting to light places outside the way out forefathers would have done it – with ropes and nearness to outlets being issues. Light your reality the new way, go solar!

When to paint during a renovation

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You’re having a renovation done. As part of the project, a repainting is also going to happen. Now here’s an important question. When do you have the repainting done? When it happens can be crucial, since there’s a chance that the renovation work might disrupt the paint as it dries.


The whole “paint drying” thing is why people call companies before any renovation work happens. However, is this sound advice?


Surprisingly, it might not be. Yes, there are instances when it should come last. For example, no one wants to get paint on a brand new carpet.


However, the “paint first” rule isn’t absolute. If you’re getting the carpet replaced or removed anyway, then paint stains on it are no problem. There are times when you want to paint after the work has been done, not before.


Here’s some advice from professional painters.


Is the renovation work happening on the exterior? If that’s the case, then you should consider the time of year. Summer days are longer, so there’s more time to do the painting. There’s also more sunlight to dry the painting faster. You can take advantage of that.


If the work is being done on the interior, then there are a few situations that will come up.


Are you refinishing your current floor or installing new ones?


This is a messy process. Dust gets raised a lot, and it will inevitably stick to new paint. Baseboards and wall paint might also be damaged during the refinishing. This means that it’s better for you to install a new tile floor first, and then paint the room.


If your home is anywhere remotely sane, you have a kitchen or bathroom. At some point, you might be thinking of getting a remodelling done.


If you’re ripping out appliances, installing new furnishings, or something similar, that means the paint will be damaged. In this case, you want the work done first. Whether that involves replacements or new installations won’t matter. The painting has to come later, to prevent any chipping or damage.


In fact, you can probably cover up any lingering damage with the new paint job.


Are you working on the floors? Then you’re looking at something a bit more situational.


As noted, there’s no point to painting before the baseboards or flooring is removed. You’re going to end up redoing the whole thing anyway. However, if the renovation does not involve removing the baseboards, then you have more options.


You still want to protect or leave things like flooring, countertops, or window treatments alone. You also want these installed before painting. However, once that’s done, you’re free to coordinate the painting at any point of the process if you like.


You do not want to have the painting done during a renovation or remodel. Between the amount of dust and debris flying around to the many logistical issues that would arise, painting during a renovation is only feasible if the work is being done in two different areas and both can be sealed off from the other.


Need more renovation advice? Click home and find some.

Why Your Handyman Should Be Your Best Friend

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If you’re a homeowner, you know that there is always an odd job or two (or three) that you want to be done around the house. Maybe you think that you can do it yourself. You are just waiting to have enough time, and as soon as you buy that book from The Home Depot, you’ll have all you need to go ahead and get the job done. Now, if you’re pretty handy, and you have plenty of time on your hands, this is probably your best bet. But, if like the rest of us, you never have enough time and you’ve never actually tiled a kitchen countertop or patched drywall or built a deck before, then hiring a handyman is the best way to go.

If you should do your research properly, you can usually find a well-priced handyman that is willing to do the job for you. Hiring your local handyman saves you, not just time, but also the headache of having to teach yourself a new skill while experimenting on your own home. Handymen have the tools and the know-how to do the job right the first time and also have done it often enough that they can get the job done quickly. What may take you a month to do after work and on the weekends while you’re not busy with the kids, a handyman can get done in a few days.

Not only does a handyman save you the time and the headache, but, quite often, they are also saving you the cost of tools. Imagine what kinds of tools you would need to buy to re-tile your kitchen counter. You need a jigsaw, a level, a tile saw, a drill with screwdriver bits, possibly a stone polisher, a scoring tool, and more! Hire a handyman, and he will bring all of those tools with him. What a relief!

Last, but not least, a handyman is often a much more economical person to hire than a construction company or a store. The overhead at your local handyman is much less, and they are also much more able to negotiate when it comes to installation prices.

Save yourself time, money and lots of trouble – hire your local handyman. Maybe if you find the right one, he’ll even be willing to work with you, saving you money since the job will take less time, and in the process, you’ll learn how to do it for next time, or when you want to help your friend do it.


Building a new home? or buy an existing structure?

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Should you pay to have a new home built or should you buy an existing structure? From our point of view, the answer is that it’s better to build – it means more business for us. However, what’s it like from the view of someone who is trying to make the most of their money?


We consulted both our expertise and some financial advisers for help in figuring this out. Between the two of us, we hope to provide you with a clearer answer on which is the best route for your money.


The first consideration is the upfront cost.


Buying an existing home can save you money, that’s for sure. If you buy a pre-built structure, it means that the cost of having it built is no longer a factor. However, you might still have to consider things like renovations and repairs.


For a new home, the costs can range from 25% to 50%, depending on the choice of materials and other factors. However, you do get more space, and the design is exactly what you want it to be. You also have the advantage of cutting away anything you don’t like, rather than being stuck with something.


In the end, renovations and repairs on an existing home can be a great bargain. Especially if it has all that you want and need already.


Repairs and maintenance are a long running concern. For this, whether you buy old or new, you want a reliable partner to handle most of the work.


Older homes need more maintenance. This is especially painful if the home is on its last legs, or is one of the examples of poor work from that period. This upkeep is far from cheap, on average.


A new home needs less upkeep, and this is the primary benefit. You might be able to get a good deal on maintenance by finding insurance, too. We offer a new construction warranty as well, covering you for a decade.


Finally, there is the matter of appreciation. This is mostly in case you plan to sell in the future. However, it can sometimes have an impact on what you’re paying for now.


For this, we had to consult our friends who do financial analysis. You can see more of them at the link.


An existing home gives you context, the experts say. You can see previous sale prices and get a better idea of how much you can get if you choose to put it on the market. If the prices are rising steadily, you’re probably going to make a profit unless something bad happens.


If you build a new home, you’re left without that context. They can be a gamble because there isn’t a record of prices and sales. There’s no real way to guess if you’re making or losing money by selling in the future. The same goes for amenities – what adds value now might not do so in the future.


Well, that’s a lot of information. We hope that this helps you decide whether to build a new home or to buy an existing one.

Cleaning Office Carpet: The Same as At Home?

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Rug cleaning companies usually have individual departments totally for household customers and commercial customers. Since offices and other commercial spaces tend to involve large areas of carpeting, they require different sets of skills in the cleaning crew, and completely different equipment. That wouldn’t be an useful way of going about it if they used the same equipment and skills for both varieties of clients.


At the time you call in a professional cleaning company for an office carpet cleaning project, the initial thing they’ll do before they even give you a quote, is to send someone to inspect your carpeting. They want to determine what condition your carpeting is in and how a lot of it is in high-traffic areas.


In residential installation, an individual tend to call a cleaning company in more than say, once a year. Yet that’s because with regular vacuuming, brushing and all the other maintenance needed that home owners do on their own, they just need someone in for the heavy obligation work. In an office or other commerciall building, the regular occupants of the building aren’t heading to be doing any carpet cleaning at all. It’s really up to the commercial cleaning in order to manage both the regular vacuuming, combing and other cleaning on a day-to-day basis, and roll out the heavy artillery once or two times a year. An office carpet cleaning service then isn’t an one-time thing that you call a company in for. It’s a full-time deal that you have now.


Simply how much does all of this actually conclude priced at you? Well, of course, it changes from one company to another. Intended for the most part though, for a total and comprehensive biannual cleaning using all the heavy equipment, they usually charge anything up to 20 cents a square foot. Of course, depending on size of the cleaning company that you go to and their business circumstances, this rate can alter. A business for instance that is anxious to make a name for itself, may be willing to help 50 percent that amount.


As with other cleaning tasks in ad advertisement building, the office carpet cleaning deal will need to be administered by somebody who is knowledgeable in these things. Carpet cleaning deck hands are experts at shortchanging their clients, even if they are large and valuable commercial clients. Textile carpeting has this quality that it will often look quite clean even after a poorly done cleaning job. The dirt buildup commences to demonstrate up over time. It’s important somebody to really regulate how the cleaning is done and put it in to the contract that early on termination is an opportunity if the effort needed isn’t satisfactorily done.

How to avoid disaster during your next bathroom remodeling Project?

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We’ve all heard the horror stories about a bathroom remodeling project gone terribly wrong. In fact, if you watch TV long enough, you’ll realize that there is a cottage industry of television programming based on good contractors that come in and clean up messes left by others. With so many ways it can go wrong, it is amazing that anyone decides a bathroom remodeling project should even take place.


It is important to keep in mind that no one goes into a remodeling project thinking things will go wrong. More often than not, it started innocently enough with a sweet couple thinking that a room in their home could be spruced up a bit. They had a bit of a vision, walked around the big-box hardware store to get ideas & inspiration, watched a lot of home renovation TV programs, and then they finally decided to take it on.


Sounds fine, right? Notice, however, that a plan was not mentioned. You’d be surprised how often a bathroom remodeling projects start with home construction & the easy stuff coming down. Do not do this. Before you do anything, be sure to have an actual plan in place that has seen some consultation with a designer, contractor, or better yet, a plumber so that any issue that could arise is addressed.


Perhaps the one item that tends to get lost in the mix of a bathroom remodel is the importance of a realistic budget. Dreams are nice, but they are not rooted in reality, and, as such, your project budget needs to take into consideration realistic matters such as just how much of the bathroom is being remodeled and how much money you actually are prepared to spend. Probably the hardest part of making a budget is making compromises. Remember one important thing – you want to remodel your bathroom, not go bankrupt.


Also, understand that even with a significant amount of planning, things come up, and you have to be ready to be flexible. Let’s use the same TV renovation shows mentioned before. There’s one show in particular that makes it a habit of always finding something wrong during the process, which makes the homeowners scramble to sacrifice a desired element of their renovation dream. Now, it makes for nice TV drama, but there is truth to some of it. If you stay steadfast on having it go only one way, you’ll drive yourself batty trying & possibly cost yourself more money. By being flexible, your project may take on a new purpose that may be more beneficial to your home than an exceptionally “more awesome” toilet than the one you had before.


Finally, make your money work for you. Maybe a full-on bathroom remodeling project may not be what you want, but you have your eye set on a better shower or vanity area. Focus on that & get the right service for the job. In that vein, if you do take on a contractor, sit with them & let them understand that regardless of how small or large the job may be, you are in charge & will be an active participant in the remodeling process.

Why You Should Think Twice About Hiring Your Handyman Friend

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Maybe you’re considering remodeling your home but you’re over a limited budget. You may have a relative or friend who’s performed simple repairs for you, such as plastering or portrait, and they feature to do your home remodel for a lesser amount of than what an established contractor might demand. You’re thrilled – until your roof starts leaks or your wiring does not work out. When remodeling your home, it’s never a good idea to hire your handyman friend. Many unanticipated – and potentially costly and dangerous – problems can arise, spelling trouble for your home, your personal safety, and your friendship with the specific who does your home remodel.


Your friend probably doesn’t have a contractor’s license.

For any home remodeling project, always make sure the people engaged hold valid contractor’s permit. For most areas, it is illegitimate for someone to substantially enhance or alter your home without such a license. Of our own home remodel, you will want to be aware of that the contractor has experience and legitimate. Just because your friend is able to do simple repairs will not mean he’s qualified to gut your kitchen or annex rooms. It can be seductive to want to retain the services of an associate for the work because you already know and trust him. But just because he’s your friend will not mean he provides the experience and skills to carry out a considerable project, despite his character to the contrary. Also, if a major problem arises such as on the job injury or unforeseen structural damage, you could be “on the hook” if your friend is without insurance coverage.


Your friend may have a little knowledge in many areas but is typically not a specialist.

Many people who are helpful around the house have somewhat of experience doing many types of repairs and jobs. These people, yet, are hardly ever experts in one field. When you’re remodeling, you will want to use those who are specialists and know their areas of expertise inside and out. More than likely, your handyman friend will know “a little of this and a bit of that. ” In fact, your handyman friend will probably not conclude being very convenient when serious, structure problems arise with your remodeling project. In the long run, you’ll wrap up not only wasting time but also money if you need to call in a professional to complete the work. You can view more about specializations on our other articles here on the site.


Employing a friend to do your home remodeling can be dangerous.

Home redecorating projects often involve not the particular removal and construction of recent wall surfaces but also rerouting power wiring and perhaps plumbing related. If your handyman good friend isn’t experienced in these areas, how can you know your home is safe? Sure, you may save money in the short run, but you’ll also risk the chance of your home being damaged, as well as the likelihood of dangerous electrical shoots and plumbing problems. Pertaining to any home remodeling work, hire a professional builder with a legitimate contractor’s license. More than likely, your handyman friend will not carry insurance for the work he can doing. Also, if questions of safety arise because of this of your unlicensed contractor pal’s work, your homeowner’s insurance is not going to pay for any resulting damage, as the work done on your home was not “by the book. ”


Finding a friend to do your remodel can ruin your friendship.

It may go without saying, but anytime you hire a good friend – whether it’s for a home remodeling task or any type of other type of work – you always run the risk of destroying your friendship with that individual. In the previous, you may have recently been thrilled with how your good friend repaved your driveway or buffed out your wood floors, but you may be wondering what will happen if your good friend doesn’t do the job you expected him to do on your redesign? Even minor problems with your remodel can cause resentment and breakdowns in friendships. You may think your friendship can tolerate any small issues that arise, but do you really want to run that risk? The last thing you want is for a solid camaraderie to get rid of because your renovator friend hand picked the wrong tone of ecru tile for your kitchen floor.

The benefits of underfloor heating solutions

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The underfloor heating system usually composed either of a heating cable or a mat along with a pre-spaced cable that fulfills the thermostat need for the particular area.

The under floor heating system not only provides the primary heat source to your house and improves the insulation efficiency of your property but also free up a lot of wall space that generally gets covered by big radiators in other heating solutions.

Benefits of our underfloor heating solutions

  • Big savings on the energy bills: Getting a high-efficiency underfloor heating system can help in substantial reduction of the bills with low energy usage.
  • Better system life: One of the obvious benefits of using our energy-efficient underfloor heating is in maximizing the efficiency of the overall system which makes them last much longer as compared to other traditional heating systems.
  • Easy to install and convenient: The underfloor heating solutions are easy to install and offer extreme convenience to the customers and also make operating noise non-existent as compared to other older heating options.
  • Increase the property selling price: The meticulously done underfloor heating system make sure to increase the sale price of your property and give you the strategic advantage in the real estate market as well.
  • Improves the aesthetics of the house: The underfloor heating solutions by a renowned service provider not only enhance the aesthetics of your house but also give you a lot of free space to use for other purposes as well.